Propagating and cultivating the Picea

Herman Huijbers first started growing tree nursery crops in the early 1980s, on a three-hectare plot in Beek en Donk. It was a part-time activity, carried out in addition to his job as a teacher. The output was initially very diverse: between 30 and 40 varieties of plants for planting in the open ground, as cuttings, planting material and as potted up.

The nursery grows

By 1986 the nursery had grown to such an extent that Herman was able to take it on full-time, together with his wife, Mayke. While he looked after the nursery, Mayke was responsible for the business’ accounting and administration. It was also around this time that the first greenhouse was built, covering an area of 3,300 square meters. But in 1994, the nursery had to make way for housing, meaning that Herman and Mayke needed to search for a new location.

New location in Someren

They eventually found the right place in Someren and they bought 7.5 hectares of land in the “De Vlasakkers” horticultural area. They started off with a two-hectare greenhouse, along with an adjacent four-hectare container field. This featured a 100% water recycling system and it was set up to enable a switch to full automation in the future. A nine-centimeter pot was selected as part of the initial automation, which limited the range of plants that could be grown. In 1995, Huijbers Tree Nursery moved over to 800 roll containers, each measuring 4.5 x 1.65 meters. Subsequent expansion led to the number of roll containers being increased to 5,000 in 2015.

Range of plants

Huijbers Tree Nursery propagates and sells three different plants:

  • Picea glauca ‘Conica’
  • Picea glauca ‘Perfecta’
  • Picea glauca ‘December’

Huijbers Tree Nursery and the future

As Herman and Mayke’s children had chosen different career paths from their parents, Jules Klessens and Arno Berkers were asked to take over daily management of the business in 2018. Each having worked at Huijbers Tree Nursery for more than 20 years, their knowledge and experience were seen as forming the best guarantee for ensuring the continuing success of the business.

Jules Klessens en Arno Berkers

Jules and Arno took on their joint task from January 1, 2019. Confirmation that the development of the nursery is not standing still can be seen in their recent decision to further expand the nursery on a previously purchased three-hectare plot.

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